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Aesthetical evolution: from music to technique

Continuing the theme of music (see post  A recently published article: rises a question "which ways evolution of music goes"?

Does population growth enhance efficiency of the human civilization?

As it recently has been shown: Recent Explosive Human Population Growth Has Resulted in an Excess of Rare Genetic Variants (A. Keinan, A.G. Clark, Science), new mutations appear in human genome much faster than it has been thought before. More than that, the rate of mutagenesis is rising with growing population.

PC and mobile: a convergence pattern?

Looks like a tendency

ACID, CAP Theorem and non-SQL databases

A philosophical introduction

Why science has evolved in the West

The answer is probably discovered by a psychologist Igor Grossman:

He has found that people's "wisdom" is growing with the age in the West, while does not change between 25 and 75 years for the Japanese. Let's think a bit. What is "wisdom" as defined by mister Grossman? It includes following components:

  • willingness to seek opportunities to resolve conflict
  • willingness to search for compromise
  • recognition of the limits of personal knowledge
  • awareness that more than one perspective on a problem can exist
  • Landauer's principle

    It looks like the Landauer's principle:

    stating that any erasure of a bit of information causes an entropy change which has a lower limit of kT · ln 2, thus at any given non-zero temperature there is a minimum energy necessary to clear a bit of information.

    The article is published in Nature:

    Two extensions to the the Amdahl's law

    1. "Generalizing Amdahl’s Law for Power and Energy" by Kirk W. Cameron and Rong Ge in IEEE Computer 07.2008

    Less advanced and b&w (but publicly open) version of this article is at:

    They derive a formula of speedup due to parallelization for multicore systems with different number of BCE's (Basic Core Equivalents). For a symmetric multicore chips they get:

    Windows 8 - how to make it usable

    This article describes a way to get the Start Menu back in Windows 8:

    Are music and speech linked and how they express feelings?

    "Co-Variation of Tonality in the Music and Speech of Different Cultures"

    "Expression of Emotion in Eastern and Western Music Mirrors Vocalization"

    It looks to me that at least one thing is missing in this study: emotions are not confined to "joy" and "sadness". If this two-dimensional picture is expanded with for example "anxiety", the use of tritones in both raga and western music would look the same.

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