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IBM has been a legend of semiconductor technology. Here are some of its innovations (from

History in source codes... or source codes of the history?

Here is the source code of the Apollo 11's landing module:

Moon landing sources

There must be more "masterpieces" of "historical" source code out in the world, like here:

Computer History Museum

III - The main threat to the mankind

The main threat to our civilization is not climate, neither CO2 emissions, nor political systems, whatsoever. The REAL DANGER to the very existence of the Mankind is inferred by the following inherent (and unfortunately too common) human qualities:

  1. Incompetence
  2. Ignorance
  3. Incapability

in short: "triple I", or I-I-I [a-ɪ-a-ɪ-a-ɪ].

Wireless electromagnetic power stransfer

Is isolationism a new trend?

SOC computers: Raspberry Pi is far not alone







Raspberry Pi BCM2835 ARM11767JZF-S 700 MHz 512MB



Is 14 nm < 20 nm?

When you read that "Intel makes 14nm ARM for Altera" the unbelievable thing is not only about Intel delivering technology to produce chips built with its irrecociable enemy's architecture. Another unbelievable thing is the very word "14nm". Is it really mean what it states for? Here are some explanations preseneted by IEEE Spectrum:


Higher labour productivity or laziness?

Interpretation of this graph


Stultitiae Laus

To collection of Desiderius Erasmus (an example of how the most stupid decisions are made):

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