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Some details behind the Moore's low

An illustration to the hypothesis statet earlier in this blog: the costs of R&D in microelectronics made a little fraction of the overal turnover in the industry. But this ratio will change at some point (or already has been changed).

For example SW costs in IC manufacturing grow faster than the miniaturization itself:


Alliance for wireless power

It is predicted that the wireless power mass market takes off in 2014...


Notes on the Cuff: SipXecs, Asterisk, FreeSWITCH

SipXecs has “higher performance” comaratively to Asterisk. The reason is that SipXecs lucks media streams proxying (the streaming does not go via the server). Here are some “side effects” of such architecture:

Temporal cloak, or how to securely transfer... a zero amount of information

An astonishing experiment has been designed and carried out in Purdue University on how to hide the 12.7 Gbps data stream by... destroying it. The technique has already got a beautiful name of a "temporal cloak" and is promised to enable "ultrasecure communications". Exactly, nothing is more secure than no information at all, but hardly this can be called "communications". ...And a simple shreder together with an fireplace seem to be a much cheaper solution...

Here is the article in Nature:


ST-Ericsson's decay

ST-Ericsson sold its GNSS venture to Intel:


Satellite cryptography

Quantum cryptograpgy is being implemented among all using satellite links. Several groups of scientists backet up by their governments are making practical steps towards full scale quantum cryptography without need of a single p2p optical link.

Thomas Jennewein and Brendon Higgins from the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, Canada, are working with Canadian Space Agency (with no launch dates announced so far):

Beyond 10 nm or not beyond 10 nm?

When will microelectronics manufacturing go to sub-10nm scale? (...and will it go there at all?...) It looks like the research costs are growing even faster than the chip miniaturization (Moor low), while revenues are not that attractive as in 1998. The number of SRC (Semiconductor Research Corporation) members has fallen three times in last 15 years. Every technology from flint axes, to space exploration at certain stage reaches the "knowledge saturation", when all easily reachable berries are already picked.

Multimedia communication between WEB apps


P2P Audio- and video communication between browser applications is a hot topic nowadays. CISO backed W3 WebRTC standard "will enable the following core components peer-to-peer audio and video streams, and a multiplexing peer-to-peer data channel":

Real-Time Communications for the Web

Call control; Session Description Protocol

NAT traversing: STUn vs. TURN


Wolfson codecs in Samsung devices

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