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Virtual Network Embedding

Growing flexibility of networks due to development of new approaches to managing the control plane protocols will allow building virtual networks on top of physical ones easily and in a standardized way.

Virtual Network Embedding: a Survey

Virtualized Control Plane and more

This can be seen as another view on SDN (Software Defined Networks), see also previous post.

Enabling Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on IP Networks: From Distributed to Virtualized Control Plane


Information-Centric Networking

For us dealing every day with a disparate personal and home devices, each bearing a bunch of information, some or all of which needs to be available from other devices, the ways information is usually stored and delivered need a paradigm shift.

Software Defined Networks

Configuration and management complexity as well as other shortcomings of the traditional vertically integrated networks have caused creation of new approaches such as SDN (Software Defined Networking) or VCP (Virtualized Control Plane), see articles below. These approaches by means of among all developing standard APIs (e.g., OpenFlow) make it possible to separate the control plane from the data plane, and thus make the former more flexible and hardware-independent.

Energy is everything, pt. 3

Some interesting observtions can be found in the article named "When will the Miller's prediction of 250$ crude oil come true?" (in Russian). Mr. Miller is by no means a thinker, nor a profet, and his opinion on the world oil market... is not that important. The article is about another thing, namely, a way to see the energy crisis from yet another perspective (see also 1 and 2).

Fragile intellect of Dr. Crabtree

Let us have a look at Our Fragile Intellect by Gerald R. Crabtree, professor at Stanford University. He has came to an astonishing result (after long and hard thinking I presume) that during last 2000-6000 years human beings have done anything else but degraded both intellectually and emotionally.

Here is full text of these "revelations":

19 clicks... 22 clicks...

In 1999 Albert, Jeong and Barabási (Diameter of WWW) derived the following equation:

which gives the average number of hyperlinks connecting any two documents on the WEB. In 1999 when WWW contained 800 mln. documents, the number was 19. The new article of Barabasi:

Der Untergang des Nordenlandes

Innovation and technological dominance are being washed out off the map of Europe. Nordic countries do not make an exception from the rule. Nokia, Ericsson, Saab, Volvo: these yesterday's unsinkable aircraft carriers of progress and prosperity are going to ashes.

CISCO as a pythoness

CISCO's latest CISCO Visual Networking Index is an interesting reading. The networking giant predicts 11.2 exabytes of mobile data traffic in 2017 as compared to 0.9 exabytes last year. Some questions a rising at ones:

The cost of ignorance

While even the third biggest supplier of oil is building its first of planned four nuclear power stations:
Europe is diligently killing its industrial (read: existential) future by cutting the roots of own energy sector:

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