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The Predictive Power of Market Research

This is how the future of wireless USB has been seen by In-Start market research in 2007:

taken from this article:

POTS' destiny day

The doomsday for Plain Old Telephony System seem to be defined (at least in the US). It will be June 15 2018:



Interesting to read the comments (below the article) and compare to another post here:


Banano-tubes or fool-cells?

To say it mildly not every hype is to evolve into something real. Actually, none of the ubiquitous technologies around us (as a silicon transistor or a laser disk) has attracted so much public attention as "nano-tubes", "fuel cells", "hydrogen economy" and graphene BEFORE actually their technological and commercial success has become obvious. Nantero "start-up":


Car "appization" is already gaining momentum. Just one more episode of the car infotainment battle camp:


HTML5: down the slope of disillusionment

A little bit late to comment the Facebook's CEO HTML5 remarks made in September, but actually I have been already writing about HTML5/JS in July this year:
It seems that everybody who comments on the Facebook regretting its involvement in HTML5 writes pretty the same, a good example is here:

Measuring the software complexity

An interesting article on different aspects of measuring SW system complexity is published by the IEEE Computer magazine:
On the Complexity of Software Systems by Tom Mens
Unfortunately this is just a short overview, while the subject requires a comprehensive survey. Out of the 5 identified complexity dimenstions:

Technological fairy tale about a mindless boss chasing another's train thus missing own opportunities

An interesting story how a company (RCA) having by that time a unique priority in inventing LCD missed its chance to be the world dominant supplier of the later ubiquitous technology:

Ericsson mobility report 2012: 85% world population coverage with HSPA to 2017

Will the mobile network traffic grow twelvefold by the end of 2018? Here is the latest Ericsson mobility report.
Another interesting prognosis is that 85% of the world population will have access to HSPA (high speed mobile 3G Internet) up from current 45%.
These numbers look not necessarily too exagerrated.

€260 billion and 92 years to fiberise Europe

In its latest report FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) Council Europe claims that without special efforts the 100% fiber coverage in the Old World will not happen before 2104:
Financing Stimulus for FTTH
It can actually take even longer... what about never?...

Energy is everything, part 2

Spectacular reformulation of the same principle Energy = Information = Civilization as stated in the previous comment:

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