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Low power server processors

There have been many attempts to build a less power hungry processor for server blades. It is done both by a monster monopolists like Intel with its Atom architecture, and marginal players, which abruptly pop-up and vanish on the market, Like Transmeta with its Crusoe (processor). Some claim to make PowerPC CPU's run at 80% less watts:

IPv6 or IPv4? Both please...

When shopping a pair of new home slippers, most of the people know that the old ones will end up in the garbage container the very same day. But not everybody. Some just cannot let their old cozy footwear to end up in the dirty hands of a scavenger and... they choose to have two (or if this is not the first such "act of mercy" in their life, N+1) pairs of slippers in their everyday possession.

What "La Planète des singes" is about?

Does innovation really happen in places outside Developed World? The phenomenon Economist is calling "frugal ideas":

is not an innovation. And for some reason South East Asia have so far demonstrated ability to operate on its own just in this business: copying technologies develeoped elsewhere. The "80-3-2" rule formulated by Rockchip's CEO:

Commerce and technology: is there a direct link?

Claiming that the Moore's low is a direct consequence of Wright's low, as D. McCormick does here:

Energy is everything


    The life can be defined as mechanism of decreasing the local entropy by means of external energy consumption. For example, by using the energy of the Sun and the geothermal energy as it is done by the Earth born life. Human civilization is in turn just a more advanced form of life, on one side. On the other side, it is a very special type of life, which is intentionally able to collect information, which in some meaning (actually quite directly) is a reciprocal of the entropy.

What should one do with the Plain Old Telephone System?

   There is no a "visionary" or "technical guru" who did not proclaim the death of the plain old twisted pair based telephone system. That is true, more and more homes at least in the developed world are getting fiber and leaving their copper connection behind. I have got fiber a year ago, and since my main connectivity channels are in the IP/Internet and Cellular/GSM/UMTS domains, I at that very moment should have cancelled my contract with the (plain) telephone operator and got a new, VoIP one. But I have not. Why?


Big IT project == doomed to fiasco

Why (really) big IT projects often (always) fail?


We will try to understand on two examples what are the reasons for IT projects of a big scale to [not | never] succed.


Samsung vs. Apple, or once again about the role of the individual in the history

        A cautionary tale about a pensioner, who's complexes are worth over 1 milliard dollar to others:

Short note about Firefox OS (b2g)

        Some proponent of the Firefox OS proclaims in this article:

Where is mobile Linux?

       To be honest the article "Is Your Cell Phone Snitching on You? ":

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