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Топология аксонной сети человеческого мозга

"Построена трёхмерная карта проводящих путей мозга"

Проводящие пути белого вещества (фото авторов исследования)

Brain networking: the topology of axon interconnections in the human brain

"Imaging study finds neural connections form regular grid"

Connections in the brain's white matter (picture by Nature News)

Theoretical breakthrough in understanding the tuning of musical instruments?

The following article describes an approach of tuning piano based of Shannon entropy minimization:

Sounds reasonable, but the questions are:

1. Whether the algorithm is always converging
2. If different initial states lead to different converged states
2. If there is one and only one coverged state for each given initial state

Quantum consciousness?

The idea sounds excitingly beautiful. But unfortunately this is most probably the case when beautifulness does not equal correctness.

Duqu framework

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