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Are big IT governmental projects destined?

It looks like big IT modernization projects driven by government are prone to fail. A an example we can take Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration IT project. It has been terminated and restarted again from scratch several times before. Last attempt does not look to to be a full success either, despite first triumphal messages:
Finally a successfull NAV project, (in Norwegian), Computer World Norway Jan. 2015
Let us just look at this:
Milliard loss for NAV (the budject is exceeded by 1.5 mlrd krones), Dagbladet Feb. 2015
and this:
A report warns about new NAV crisis, Feb. 2015
An interesting, but still not comprehensive analysis has been done for the Sentinel project:
Why the FBI Can't Build a Case Management System, IEEE Computer 2012
Accordingly to this research the main factors destined Sentinel were:
1. Huge complexity of the system, especially fine grained multi-dimensional access control
2. Focus on project management rather than engineering
2. Incompetent PM stuff
3. Little or no prototyping
All this is true, but somehow a question arises:
Is there a level of complexity which is not possible to handle not due to technology does not allow this, but due to the limited human intellectual resources?



Head of Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) is sacked
The reasoning behind is fail to build a new NAV IT system.