User login

Cisco router/switch and CISCO IOS hints

e.g. 1900, 2800 routers, Catalyst 2960 switch etc.
command list
show configuration
save/write configuration
change configuration
"reset to factory settings
when cannot login"
reset the configuration (router)
soft reset configuration (switch)
brutal reset configuration (switch)
reset password
generate secret (password) hash
switch (2960) as DHCP server
stop command
disconnect reverse telnet
enable loopback
sonfigure AUX/modem
connect to modem
restore last saved config
set interface address
enable shell
display IP addresses of interfaces"
enable ssh
configure DHCP lease duration
forcefully renew DHCP lease
date command
kron periodic task schedule aka cron
enable shell commands in cli
disable shell commands in cli
if then clause
passwordless ssh login
ios version
"who (show active ssh sessions telnet sessions)"
display ssh key
command prompt
monitor tos'ed traffic aka 'tcpdump'