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Downshifting as a global trend

Downshifting is not any more just a lifestyle of a group of people. It spreads out to all spheres of human life.
Downshifting in culture
Downshifting in social sciences
Modern social science is stagnating as never before in the human history since last years of Roman Empire. There are no wars of fabulous revolutionary doctrines as it was in the recent 3 centuries.  One can find neither any new great doctrines, nor brilliant scientists/philosophers/visionaries.
Downshifting in politics
Human capital of modern political elite is obviously declining. In addition, politics and social sciences are always interdependent, mutually enriching each other. Or impoverishing... 
Downshifting in technology
This is probably not the most disturbing problem for the World. Yet. But most interesting for this ... TBD