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Excel hints

excel 2D lookup
excel compare columns
excel multiline cells
excel sum of squares
excel ceiling function
excel indirect reference
excel apply formula to entire column
excel lookup
excel count conditional
excel array formulas
excel conditional max
day fraction to d:h:m format:
string concatenation
closest power 2 number
recover VBA password
switch betweeb sheets
"copy entire sheet
move entire sheet"
if string contains a substring
count blank cells
filter: drop down list
conditional formatting
count non-empty cells
count empty cells
show/freeze columns when scrolling
"multiply vectors
check if NaN (not a number)
cell ID satisfying condition
multiply-accumulate columns
split/extract substring
count unique values, text or numbers, no empty
after coma
convert to number
case insensitive substring search
find cell to left or right from the match
Data Wjat-If analysis shortcut
format data cells in Norwegian
extract hour from data, Norwegian