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Integrated Operations

Integrated Operations on the Norwegian shelf

Development of IT infrastructure together with ubiquity and throughput of communication channels has a tremendous influence on the work processes in exploration and production of oil and gas. The industry is undergoing revolutionary changes and the Integrated Operations initiative from Norwegian Oil Industry Association is an attempt to establish a synergy between local efforts taken by different oil companies in order to streamline the entire business to a new level of operational efficiency.


CODIO is a project driven by Computasin cooperation with ConocoPhillips, Odfjell Drilling, Institute of Energy Technology and International Research Institute of Stavanger in 2007-2009 as a testbed to facilitate Integrated Operations principles in daily practice of drilling operation.

The project implied learning the best-practices work processes existing in the industry, analysis of the existing problems in collaboration, inter-location communication and decision making. Handling both routine and non-standard situations has been under consideration...

Introducing Event-Driven Business Process Management to Integrated Operations: A Case Study (master thesis of Thomas Bekkeheien)