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iOS hints

sqlite3  private/var/root/Library/Caches/Backup/cache.db
sqlite> .tables
Backups                         FilesMissingEncryptionKey     
DisabledDomains                 PlaceholderResources          
FileChanges                     Properties                    
FileEncryptionKeys              RestoreFailures               
FileExtendedAttributes          RestoreFiles                  
FileProtectionClassesToRestore  Restores                      
Files                           Snapshots      
alm:/ root# sqlite3 private/var/mobile/Library/SMS/sms.db
SQLite version 3.7.13
Enter ".help" for instructions
sqlite> .tables
_SqliteDatabaseProperties  chat_message_join        
attachment                 handle                   
chat                       message                  
chat_handle_join           message_attachment_join  
sqlite> .schema message
CREATE TABLE message (ROWID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, guid TEXT UNIQUE NOT NULL, text TEXT, replace INTEGER DEFAULT 0, service_center TEXT, handle_id INTEGER DEFAULT 0, subject TEXT, country TEXT, attributedBody BLOB, version INTEGER DEFAULT 0, type INTEGER DEFAULT 0, service TEXT, account TEXT, account_guid TEXT, error INTEGER DEFAULT 0, date INTEGER, date_read INTEGER, date_delivered INTEGER, is_delivered INTEGER DEFAULT 0, is_finished INTEGER DEFAULT 0, is_emote INTEGER DEFAULT 0, is_from_me INTEGER DEFAULT 0, is_empty INTEGER DEFAULT 0, is_delayed INTEGER DEFAULT 0, is_auto_reply INTEGER DEFAULT 0, is_prepared INTEGER DEFAULT 0, is_read INTEGER DEFAULT 0, is_system_message INTEGER DEFAULT 0, is_sent INTEGER DEFAULT 0, has_dd_results INTEGER DEFAULT 0, is_service_message INTEGER DEFAULT 0, is_forward INTEGER DEFAULT 0, was_downgraded INTEGER DEFAULT 0, is_archive INTEGER DEFAULT 0, cache_has_attachments INTEGER DEFAULT 0, cache_roomnames TEXT, was_data_detected INTEGER DEFAULT 0, was_deduplicated INTEGER DEFAULT 0);
CREATE INDEX message_idx_failed ON message(is_finished, is_from_me, error);
CREATE INDEX message_idx_handle ON message(handle_id, date);
CREATE INDEX message_idx_is_read ON message(is_read, is_from_me, is_finished);
CREATE INDEX message_idx_was_downgraded ON message(was_downgraded);
CREATE TRIGGER clean_orphaned_handles2 AFTER DELETE ON message BEGIN     DELETE FROM handle         WHERE handle.ROWID = old.handle_id     AND         (SELECT 1 from chat_handle_join WHERE handle_id = old.handle_id LIMIT 1) IS NULL     AND         (SELECT 1 from message WHERE handle_id = old.handle_id LIMIT 1) IS NULL; END;
------------------ List of hints: -------------------
flash fw
restart X
DocsToGo dir
ps in cydia
cydia package
pinpoint cpu eater
backup app data
ssh server/client
ping, ftp, telnet
which, killall
"merge albums split
by iTunes"
SW update folder on PC
app installation log
get UDID
factory reset
backup documents
path to camera photos
factory reset from iTunes
restart in DFU/recovery mode