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Leadership and management in the modern society: the reverse Moore's low?

It would be natural to assume that last 40 years while scientists and engineers have been doubling the number of chips per square inch each 24 months and CPU performance each 18 months, the human intellectual capital in the semiconductor indistry grown (at least) proportionally. This trend is quite natural to extrapolate: entire information technology sector must have developed its human capital hugely and not only in headcount but in the total human capital quality as well.
A little bit of a dissonance would be the following hypothesis:
Last 40-50 years the level of human capital (defined as intellectual coefficient times education times erudition times creativity times business insight divided by the product of egomania, personal acquisitiveness and rigidness) of higher management in the entire society has been falling with approximate rate of 10% or more every 10 years.
Especially suffering areas where the humal capital level of executives has eroded most are public sector and big trans-national corporates.  The fish rots from the head... The question remaining is whether it is a cyclic process and what is the period of its cycle.