User login

Linux hints

List of items:
enable coredump
fedora install SATA
ip hostname
gnome service cfg
telnet tftp etc.
graphical/cmd line login
KDE CD/DVD burner
record CD command line
debian module manip
KDE control/system
debian pkg list
PCI info
KDE service config
network up/down
debian KDE pkg
WLAN settings
drop unused cache 2.6
label partition
allow user set date
ubuntu SATA install
path with space
gdb assembly
gdb symbols
validate xml
DNS server
network interfaces (ifconfig)
find except given path
rootkit detection
nfs access file
nfs mount
expresscard in ubuntu
emacs fonts
disable compiz in ubuntu
gnome startup applications GUI
ps just pid
max file descriptors macro
"check remote X session on faults
(Can't open display:)"
ssh X forwarding
sec since epoch convert to time
get num sec since epoch
monitor something
start wifi interface ubuntu
uuencode/uudecode ubuntu
truecrypt mount
sar perform monitor (apt-get inmstall sysstat)
list of installed deb packages
Ubuntu 11.04 bash completion
who occupies port socket file descriptor
synchronize time
select timezone
force password change on next login
7zip multi volume archive
crontab file location
grub: boot in console mode
enable hibernate in Ubuntu 12.04
debian package info
"Failed to get connection to session: Error connecting:
Connection refused"
GNOME low level configuration
Unix to/from dos format
python library path
traffic test
network protocol test
WEB site performance test
monitor network speed
measure load
configure wifi interface
convert to upper/lower case
floating point shell calculator
route through virtual alias
show route table
graphics driver on Dell (like E6520)
grep on either of strings
"network interface renamed by udev
move image/virtual machine to
a new HW"
Stop/restart X session in Mint
debian/ubuntu change keyboard
clean/zero free space in ext fs
change process scheduling
bash for loop
bridge br0 is still up
uninstall Ubuntu desktop
terminal kernel messages control
"rearrange columns,
add line number"
set default gateway
change iptables rules
rename files
"cp preserving file's:
quagga terminal
guagga enable command history
vtysh command list
vtysh show configuration
vtysh change configuration
ssh tunnel
ssh passwordless login
shadow record structure
change numerical env variable
convert between encodings
upgrade linux  mint 13 to 15
debian repository list control
repository list
define domain
renew dhcp lease
centos/redhat install nslookup
centos/redhat install scp
add static route
get architectire (32 or 64bit)
edit sudoers
change owner by reference file
graphical (gui) diff tools
"ssh configure per host
map keys to users/hosts"
"replace regexp in files with sed
save unchanged files as *.bak"
show progress of dd command
time system runs w/o restart
capture network traffic with TOS/DSCP
"network load monitoring
(like 'top' for processes)"
list block devices
list USB devices
tcpdump filters
tcpdump show
printer log
change grub boot settings
mount bitlocked partition
ubuntu old releases repository
compile truecrypt in Ubuntu
install rpm on debian/ubuntu
run command with given priority
save time/date settings
mosesdecoder compilation dependencies
disable ssh root logon
find and sort by time modified
diff: provide patch format
create dvd image from vob
generate openssl certificate
generate random alphanumeric string
install newer g++ version ubuntu
gcc 4.7 on Centos
install openconnect on Centos
iptables list as append commands
rotate stdout
change FAT disk label
nginx failed (13: Permission denied) while connecting to upstream
sniff network packets binary content
add a group to a user
unknown filesystem extfat
lock file command line (ala mutex)
pretty print xml from command line
sniff on http traffic
fix Problem with MergeList
empty password for user
use proxy for ccommand line
monitor processor temperature
"ssh error: ""received disconnect from ...
too many authentication failures"""
display locale settings
all locales
date and time local
english locales
change time locale
re-generate locales
scp alternative port
find program in ubuntu/debian packages
install dnslookup in ubuntu
noninteractive password to ssh/scp
reconfgure repos
grep through binary file
"ssh error:
""Agent admitted failure to sign using the key"""

find folders in given depth range

remove duplicates without sorting

run command as non-root at startup

no matching key exchange method found. Their offer: diffie-hellman-group1-sha1

socks5 proxy with ssh

iptables delete chain

use proxy

grep binary file

remove emty lines

two consecutive lines to one