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PC and mobile: a convergence pattern?

Looks like a tendency

Recent article in CNET: Meet Google's secret weapon for fighting Apple and Microsoft proclaims the Motorola Lapdock to be a revolutionary concept, which will beat hypes of recent years: "pure" smart-phones and their mutated gigantic counterparts tablets (the boundary between the two is gradually shrinking, which is pictorially demonstrated by Samsung Galaxy Note). Motorola is far not alone in its attempts to breed a phone or a tablet with a laptop:

This sounds both inspiring and pretty logical. Evolution of smart-phones resembles a lot the history of PC: growing demands for CPU power, RAM and non-volatile storage. On the other hand, laptops are going the other way around towards more power efficient CPUs and embedded connectivity support. Some laptops are already equipped with "purely mobile" ARM processors, like DELL E4300. Some of net-books (laptop little brothers, currently washed away by the wave of tablets) have had ARM as their main CPU. Tablets are mostly ARM driven. There is a lot of experimenting going around with unprecedented and nearly religious (at least having little connection to real human needs) movements like iPad-inspired tablet hysteria. Logics thus is not always an appropriate tool for analysis of the area of human psychology. Time will show what will be the next "Great Leap Forward".