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Post-post-industrial tsunami effect and techno-optimism

Is really de-industrialization of the West caused entirely by the industrial production paradigm shift, similar to one occurred during the first industrial revolution? What is the real share of totally-automated labour in the entire production chain?

Are not shrinking industrial sector, death of the middle class in Europe and USA and growing unemployement caused rather by outsourcing to countries with cheap labour rather than by a new generation of machinery able to completely  supercede humans in the production cycle?

No doubts automation is replacing quite a lot of manual operations both in industries and in agriculture. It is clear that the pace of automatisation expansion is steadily growing. However, will all the factories and plants soon look like a desert with no humans seen on the horizon?

Are not all the "visionaries" and post-industrial "prophets" in reality be like people looking at the sea which retreats and believing the costal line will move avay forewer, while it is just a sign of approaching tsunami? What if the growing cost of formely cheap Chinese labour and falling live standards of Europeans will make it profitable again to manufature in Europe?...