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Windows hints

Windows ultimate cleanup:

# 1.

dism /online /Cleanup-Image /SpSuperseded

# (this command needs a restart to fulfill the job)

# 2.


# 3.

# Manually delete files in these folders:

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word





# 4. Outlook ost file (can grow really big)

taskkill /F /IM Outlook.exe
taskkill /F /IM SearchProtocolHost.exe
taskkill /F /IM UcMapi.exe

# delete the file:
C:\Users\amartyushenko\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\ < outlook id >- Inlook.ost

start outlook.exe


hd volume serial number
windows product id
system backup/restore
security policies
remote desktop
"3rd remote account
remote administration"
file permissions
directx diagnostics
performance monitor
ms monitor
show max IP related info (DNS, gateway)
set DHCP
set static IP, mask default gateway
store IP settings
restore IP settings
set DNS static
system tools
sytem info (device)
safely remove hw
set env var permanent
map network drive
map/mount local drive
change serial/reactivate
execute command remotely
add .NET assembly
find file/directory
kill a process
list processes (=unix ps)
cmd.exe in explorer mouse menu
make explore the default action
create empty file (touch)
list remote desktop sessions
force remote desktop session disconnet
kill a process remotely
convert fat to ntfs
last boot time
USB device control
MS SQL import/export wizard
extract installation files
IE8 JavaScript/HTML debugging
windows update policy in registry
show document content in Explorer
enable administrator login
spooler dies: cleanup
print: not print process
network connections monitor
show sys info on desktop background
copy file to clipboard
add item to Context menu
check filesystem
cmd firewall/iptables
check if OS version 32/64 bit
win7 desktop icons
restore bootloader in MBR
mount ISO image
windows scheduler (aca cron, timers)
"stop ""user experience"" reporting tasks,
""program telemetry"""
winword check/add hotkey
"Lync executable file
McAfee executable files
Change network location type
outlook 2010 file location
win7 display menu bar
win7 find file by content
Share LAN connection via ad-hoc WiFi
processes using outlook ost file
IE history location on disk
"offline files location
browse offline files"
Import database structure to Visio
show services back svchost, etc.
offline files: disk space control
stop telnet session
tcpdump network interface list
"clean-up the system disk
among all \winsxs folder"
disk cleanup wizard
set product key
win7 IE & MSWord temporary files
uninstall internet explorer 11 on win 7
list updates (hotfixes, service packs)
vista uninstall update
installed programs
vista clean updates
enable DSCP flag/QoS on Win7 64
win recycle bin
vista enable admin account
OpenVPN error: "There are no TAP-Win32 adapters on this system"
win7 enterprise logon picture and wallpaper
win7 user account pictures
install a service
backup wireless network connection profiles
"restore wifi network connection
backup Explorer favorites
system settings: proxy exceptions
open registry by given key
chrome user profile
firefox user profile
"stop SMS agent host service/
SoftwareCenter update
(change and config management)"
delete partition from cmd
start disk management cosole from cmd
hosts file
change file owner to current user
task scheduler cmd
services cmd
win updates cmd
ssh bypass proxy
BITS log
convert log file to readable format
cmd report free ram
search registry from cmd
abyy finereader temp location
Reset Windows Update
enable hibernation
hibernate from cmd
change ALT-TAB icons to small win7
enable command prompt option exploorer pop-up
remove US English keyboard from cmd
AddKbdLang.xml US Enlish
RmKbdLang.xml US English
windows 8 manage wireless networks
copy files ignore errors
unix cat like cmd
cmd create link
configure proxy from cmd
add registry key
clear free disk space with 0x0
file extension associated progs
driver list
cmd file compare
ping with multiple routes
list power saving states
switch on hibernation
list of waking devices
device last waked the pc
power consumption report
battery report
restart with Advanced Options menu
check disk from cmd
change hostname
make bootable usb
word document save date field
get windows serial number
disconnect network drive from cmd
windows 32 or 64bit
taskkill: the process... not found